Past Life Regression

Normans and Saxons

Dear Rob
WOW! Did some research on web when I got back and found this? The only difference is that the Normans won, but possibly what I saw was a preliminary skirmish. When we went looking for them, maybe we found them and got annihilated. Guess that means I never got my commendation.

The rise of Robert Guiscard The Normans and the popes : the battle of Civitate (1053) In order to understand the fluctuations of papal policy with regard to the Normans, it should be remembered that the church considered Mezzogiorno to be under the direct judicial authority of the Holy Sea. This was why the Church went as far as forgery to support these claims ‘the donation of Constantine’, by which the first Christian Emperor had supposedly delivered to the pope, the basis for papal and jurisdictional claims in Rome and Italy.

This claim and affirmation of supremacy, at least spiritual, over all the sovereigns of the Christian world, led the popes to follow a consistent policy to protect their rights in the region. They were faced with the rival claims of the Western emperors (basileus Byzantine) and the Eastern (German emperor) equally seeking the legacy of the Roman Empire. Thus was formed the first anti-Norman coalition. Pope Leo IX, with the help of his relative, Emperor Henry III, and an alliance of Lombard noblemen undertook a political and military initiative. Their aim was to force out the Normans, going as far as to make a pact with the Byzantines. They confronted the Normans near the river Fortore, not far from Civitate, in Capitanate. Despite an offer of negotiation from the Normans, the battle took place on 18 June 1053. One of the heroes of the battle was Robert Guiscard, one of the youngest of the Hauteville brothers.

The papal army was annihilated and the Pope was imprisoned and kept captive for ten months in Benevento. This defeat was decisive for subsequent relations between the papacy and the Normans. The quarrel regarding the question of Episcopal investiture led to lasting confrontation between the papacy and the German Empire, while in 1054, the separation of Rome and Byzantium was concerned with the question of schism of the Western and Eastern churches. The Pope needed allies. The Normans, from being ‘troublemakers’ had become the armed wing of Christianity. Also described wearing armour, it wasn’t knight in shining armour type, it was more a heavily interwoven animal skin type.

Cheers Alan

From the past

I just wanted to say thanks again for my reading on Saturday. I did some research into one of them and found information on an Elizabeth Berkley who was persecuted in 1775 for witchcraft in Georgia America. She was married to James Berkley who was in the line of peerage in Suffolk and Ireland, who was acquitted of murder in 1776.

It was an amazing experience and i am recommending you to all my friends for a reading



Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Hi Rob.

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much better I feel after our past life session. As you may remember I found myself fighting in World War one and the fear that I would never return back home to my loved ones. Until then I could never understand why I would have feelings of panic or anxiety when I was left on my own! As I said in the session a feeling of abandonment. Now I feel so much more relaxed whether I’m on my own or in other peoples company. I feel my life has changed so for the better and keeps getting better. Thanks….

Best wishes


Feeling Mothered

Hello Rob

Just wanted to say how useful I have found the regression session we did a few weeks ago. Finally my fear of spiders has now gone and as a bonus along the way I realised why my younger sister has always fussed and mothered me. Well she was as we found out my mother in a previous life! When I have some more spare time I shall be along again to explore more about my past lives.

Take care


Drawn to the ocean

Hi there Rob

I really came along to see you out of curiosity about why I have always felt so drawn to the sea and within the session this really became obvious. I chose to pick a door with 1823 on it and the story started to unfold. I was being hunted for a crime I didn’t commit and my only escape was to board a ship sailing to foreign lands, in this case Australia. So for me the ocean represented freedom! The session also helped me to understand why I have found it difficult to trust people in the past. All in all I feel so much better now and would really recommend this type of therapy