What are past lives?


This is the belief that we return back to this world many times in order to learn life lessons and so allow our soul to evolve and this gives us the opportunity to deal with any left over Karma from a past life. Karma is the law of cause and effect, allowing us to balance out past events or actions and once these lessons have been learnt are we then able to move on to experience new lessons and so develop our soul further.

Genetic Memory

This is a theory that the memories are passed down from one generation to another through cell structure and DNA.


Are we just all making this up in our imagination? There are many cases that have been documented giving accurate information which can be traced back giving evidence to the recollections that were given during the past life regression session.

Soul Memory

The idea that people can access the memory of another soul, through the ‘Akashic’ records – the spiritual record of everything that has ever happened.

Clients own personal past life experiences

From my clients own experiences and details that were uncovered from their past life regression sessions it would indicate that we do indeed reincarnate many times in order to learn new and valuable lessons so that our soul can develop. If we look into some of the details, names, times and places a client may uncover when having a past life regression session, we may well be able to trace these historical details. A good source and starting point of tracing details back through history is the internet.

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