Helping to resolving inner child issues in Bournemouth, Poole, Wimborne, Broadstone in Dorset.

What are inner child issues?

As we grow up each experience we encounter helps us to form the way we react to our environment in our every day lives, some of these may well be positive and others negative. Negative experiences may influence the way you react to certain situations, holding you back, not allowing you to feel comfortable with yourself and therefore not allowing you to achieve your true potential.

Some of the symptoms you may experience are:

  • Feeling anxious
  • Low esteem or a lack of confidence
  • Suffering from depression
  • Not feeling comfortable with others or yourself
  • Self doubt
  • Constant worry
  • Fear of being put on the spot

By letting go of these negative patterns you will find that you understand yourself better and become more comfortable and at ease, thus helping to change your perspective to a much more relaxed and positive one. In essence allowing yourself to be in the moment, not worrying about the past or the future and so be able to deal with things as they arise, moment by moment feeling more centred, grounded and balanced.

Inner child healing (therapy)

This is a way of releasing the bottled up emotions inside yourself, once the cause of the problems has been healed the symptoms (effects) will diminish so you can become more centred, balanced and at ease. It’s best described as making that inner connection with yourself and once you’re able to see things in a different way you will also be able to react in a different way. Been able to forgive, understand and accept the past will help you to move forward, moment by moment, with your life and really enjoy living in the here and now.

Benefits of the therapy

Instead of giving yourself such a hard time about things from the past, you will find that you have a greater acceptance about the situations and especially yourself. This will help you to take responsibility for the decisions that you make in your life leading to a knowing acceptance, allowing you to feel much more connected and at ease. Other positive benefits can be feeling much calmer and relaxed in your every day life with a balance and inner understanding that comes from within.

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