Why have Past Life Regression?

Sometimes we may be experiencing problems such as strong dislikes, fears or phobias, negative thoughts or behaviour patterns and sometimes even unexplained physical pain that do not seem to have any logical reason. By addressing the cause of these feelings the symptoms can disappear. Quite often these symptoms can originate from this life time and can be dealt with using conventional hypnotherapy, but if the symptoms persist they could well be left over feelings and emotions from a past life.

Have you ever experienced any of these feelings?

  • That you know somebody you have just met?
  • DEJA’VU that this has happened to you before?
  • Knowing how to do something you have not done before. Finding a hidden talent.
  • Being drawn to places or knowing things about places you have never been to before.
    Having physical problems with no apparent medical reason?

The way we react to things going on around us is made up from our own personal experiences and from many past lifetimes. Using past life regression therapy we are about to explore these other lifetimes, have a greater understanding of the way we feel and react to situations which will in turn lead to a beneficial change in our behaviour.


For some people tracing back their own past lives is done out of pure curiosity. A person can research back through history looking up names and places obtained from their own past life regression sessions and so piece together many interesting and fascinating details of their own past.

Quite often soul groups reincarnate together and play out different relationship roles with each other in order for the soul to grow with the experience. Ever had those feelings that you know somebody you have just met? Many people believe that the exchange of roles in relationships helps to balance out the laws of karma between lifetimes and because of souls reincarnating in groups, it is believed that you will have more than just one ‘soul mate’.


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