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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a pleasant, natural feeling of deep relaxation with a state of heightened awareness.

Will I be asleep?

No, you will be fully aware at all times during hypnosis even though you will have your eyes closed. If you feel concerned at any time during the treatment you can get up and leave.

Shall I be aware of what is happening at all times during therapy?

Yes. Hypnosis is just a feeling of deep relaxation so you will always be aware of what is happening. Hypnosis does not involve being asleep, in a trance or being “put under” as many people expect.

Can I be made to do anything embarrassing or against my will?

No, hypnosis only continues with your co-operation. You are in complete control over what you do and say. Hypnotherapy has nothing to do with stage hypnosis as used in entertainment.

Is it possible I was my own grandfather or grandmother in a past life?

Yes as souls tend to reincarnate in groups, quite often within the same family.

Is it possible I was a member of the opposite sex in a past life?

Yes, we have all experienced life as both sexes in order for our soul to learn the lessons from these life times.

Do I only have one soul mate?

No, as we incarnate in soul groups, anyone from this group could be a soul mate.

Did I choose my own parents?

Yes we choose our own parents and the situations in which we want to learn from. As we always have free will there is always more than one pathway that we can choose to achieve this.

Is the therapy confidential?

Yes, I work under the guidelines of The Past Life Therapists Association (MPTLA), whose members are bound by a strict code of practice and ethics of the highest standard. After therapy is finished all the information collected is either returned to the client or destroyed.

Is it a good idea to see my doctor before visiting you?

If you suspect that there is a physical cause for a problem then your doctor should be consulted