What are Past Lives?

From my clients own experiences and details that were uncovered from their past life regression sessions it would indicate that we do indeed reincarnate many times in order to learn new and valuable lessons so that our soul can develop.

If we look into some of the details, names, times and places a client may uncover when having a past life regression session, we may well be able to trace these historical details. A good source and starting point of tracing details back through history is the internet.

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Why have Past Life Regression?

Sometimes we may be experiencing problems such as strong dislikes, fears or phobias, negative thoughts or behaviour patterns and sometimes even unexplained physical pain that do not seem to have any logical reason. By addressing the cause of these feelings the symptoms can disappear.

Quite often these symptoms can originate from this life time and can be dealt with using conventional hypnotherapy, but if the symptoms persist they could well be left over feelings and emotions from a past life.

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Inner Child Healing

As we grow up each experience we encounter helps us to form the way we react to our environment in our every day lives, some of these may well be positive and others negative. Negative experiences may influence the way you react to certain situations, holding you back, not allowing you to feel comfortable with yourself and therefore not allowing you to achieve your true potential.

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Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years; indeed there is evidence that the Romans and Ancient Greeks were using hypnosis for therapeutic benefit.

The state of hypnosis is a natural phenomenon and the feelings that best describe this are ones of being very relaxed and calm with a heightened awareness. Which this can be used to drift you along the way to a past life experience or to give new positive and beneficial suggestions such as ‘you are now a non-smoker’.

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Tarot Cards

A tarot card reading can help to provide you with advice and guidance about past or future events in your life, helping you to understand some of the lessons you may have learned along the way and new ones still to come. This can help you to understand the pathway that you are now on and the things that are happening around you at this moment in time, giving you an insight into the possible outcomes or obstacles along the way.

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Spiritual Ascension Awakening

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are both very successful techniques in allowing us to embrace and become aware of our spiritual side, or in other terms to encourage the spiritual ascension process to occur. As human beings it can be very easy to ignore spiritual ascension, or a spiritual awakening, but there are so many benefits to this transformation, including expanding our awareness and allowing healthier, more positive energies into our bodies.

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Past Life Regression – Poole, Bournemouth & Dorset

You may find that you have strong dislikes, fears or phobias, negative thoughts or behaviour patterns and sometimes even unexplained physical pain and wonder where these feelings originate from.

Past life regression is an exciting way of exploring these possibilities and with the use of hypnosis it allows us to travel back and open doors from your past life times so that you can resolve problems that are causing difficulties now.

Karma and reincarnation

Reincarnation is the belief that we return back to this world many times in order to learn life lessons and so allow our soul to evolve and this gives us the opportunity to deal with any left over Karma from a passed life.

Karma is the law of cause and effect, allowing us to balance out past events or actions and once these lessons have been learnt we are then able move on to experience new lessons and so develop our soul further.

How can Past Life Regression help?

Past life regression (PLR) can help you to release negative thoughts, behaviour patterns and unwanted karma, so allowing you to leave those unwanted feelings or emotions in the ‘past’ helping you to move forward into the future!

If you require any more information, or have any other questions regarding past life regression or hypnotherapy, please contact Rob on 01202 245020 or 07920 885015 or email: past.life@live.com.

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